February 2014

New Thinking on the Treatment of Pain

Pain doesn’t seem to scare a lot of people, but they’e usually not the ones suffering it. Those who live with chronic pain will go nearly to the ends of the earth to relieve their torment. That is one reason to be thankful we live in New Mexico – a state not quite at the end of the earth – which recognizes and licenses effective pain treatments that other states do not. One of these

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The Naprapath in The Rain Forest

Dear Friends and Colleagues, I am privileged to introduce you to Professor John Blum’s recently published article The Naprapath in the Rainforest. Two years ago I received a call from Professor Blum, and he told me that he was writing an article on adding integrative Alternative Medicine to the Affordable Care Act for the Nexus Law Journal. The Nexus Journal is a well read and distributed Journal of Law and Policy from the Chapman University

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Week One: Orientations

SUNM Experience: So far, I’m impressed. So far the administration has been nothing but helpful and friendly, and the teachers have already shown themselves to be attentive, thoughtful and extremely knowledgeable in their given subjects. But instead of jumping to reports of classes, I’m sharing some noteworthy facts I picked up this week about the history of Naprapathy:   Tidbits from Week 1: There were once 17 schools of Naprapathy in the United States. The

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Week Three: The Rhythm and Pace

SUNM Experience: The teachers are settling into their comfort zones, and we’re finding our paces in each class. It’s a demanding schedule with lots of reading, quizzes in almost every class, and an intense amount of information coming at us for 3 hours straight each night. I can’t imagine trying to do this without a knowledge base already, especially with the schedule I’m keeping. To be honest, I’m already way behind in reading!  Student

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