March 2014

Week 6: Tales from the Field

In case you didn’t read my introduction, I should clarify something. Like a Naprapath, the work I do as a Structural Integration Therapist focuses on the health of the Connective Tissues. I am a manual therapist (much like a massage therapist) who evaluates the imbalances of the body and works to release the tissues back into normal alignment. At this point, I work beyond the muscular tissues and have the skills to include the visceral

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Week 5: Midterms

SUNM Experience: Last week we gathered to hear the story of Naprapathy in New Mexico from the director, Pat Nuzzo, and some political allies (local lobbyists). It was a fascinating tale of one thing leading to another and the right people peppering the way. It’s also a tale of the work selling itself on results. If it didn’t help people, New Mexico wouldn’t be paving thee way for its revival.   It was inspiring and

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Week 4: The Blessings of Internet

SUNM Experience: As a returning student, I’ve been here before. The rhythm of reading, lectures, discussion, and tests are ingrained in my soul, and it’s nice to be back in the classroom.   That said, I haven’t quite been here before. For anyone who hasn’t been a student in the past 5 or 10 years, it’s not the same old, same old. It’s been said before in a million ways, but here it is again:

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