July 2014

Studying to be a doctor

If you’ve been following my writings, you’ll know that it’s been a while since I’ve written. If you’re wise, you’ll have noted that I’m in school. And if you’re really wise and have a clue what a Naprapath is, you’ll note that I’m in med school, studying to be a doctor.   It’s an interesting place to be, in school studying to be a doctor of Naprapathy. First of all, few people actually understand what

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The Role of Naprapathy in Recovery from PTSD

All individuals experience stress; this represents a normal reaction to strains on one’s mind, body, or emotions. However, when people experience particularly acute or extended traumatic experiences that make them feel helpless or unsafe, they can develop a more serious condition called post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Characterized by an array of extended and acute mental, emotional, physical, and behavioral symptoms, PTSD is a serious condition that requires intensive therapy to help individuals overcome it. Naprapathy

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How the pieces fit: Naprapathy & Massage

The start of my journey as a healer began in massage school ten years ago. I never had any intention of working in a spa or simply helping someone relax so I was very particular about the school I chose. My high standards are what led to my leaving the east coast and coming to New Mexico.   The school I attended was founded by a doctor, albeit a very unusual one. Though he held

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