November 6, 2023

Doctors All Agree: These 5 Techniques Are the Best Sleep Aids Aside From Medication

So you can’t sleep — you are in good company. Up to 60 percent of the population has the same issue, though it’s most common to have a sleep condition if you are ill, female, have mental health concerns, or are an older adult. It might seem like you’ve tried everything you can from home, and maybe have even talked to your doctor. From there, you might have been given some medicine to help you

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New Research Publication – Journal of Traditional & Integrative Medicine

Exciting News! Our groundbreaking article, Soft Tissue Manipulation and Naprapathy: Origins and Current Practices, has just hit the pages of the renowned journal, Traditional and Integrated Medicine. Dive into the fascinating world of Naprapathy, a specialized manual medicine that targets musculoskeletal issues, inflammation, and dysfunction by breaking down connective tissue restrictions. These restrictions can wreak havoc on your nervous, vascular, and lymphatic systems, causing pain and misalignment. But Naprapathic medicine has your back with a

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