About Naprapathic Medicine

About naprapathic medicine
Naprapathy is a well-recognized, popular manual medicine in Scandinavian countries

Learn about the Roots of Naprapathy

Doctors of Naprapathic Medicine are connective tissue specialists that gently manipulate ligaments, tendons, and fascia to realign the musculo-skeletal structure and relieve pain and stress.

The philosophy and education for Naprapathy and Chiropractic arose from similar origins and even overlap in some areas. In fact, the founders of both manual medicine schools worked together in Davenport, Iowa over 100 years ago. However, major differences in practical application created cleavages and drove the founders apart.

Chiropractic continued to grow and is now a recognized manual therapy practice across North America. Likewise, Naprapathy grew extensively in Sweden, Finland and Norway where Naprapathy is regarded as an incredibly effective treatment for many issues like back, neck, and shoulder pain and stress without the “cracking” of joint and spine manipulations.

Currently, there are 1000 licensed Naprapaths in the Scandinavian countries and Naprapathy is now one of the leading manual medicine professions in Europe.

As part of the mission of SUNM, our founders, both seasoned Naprapathic practitioners, strive to make Naprapathic  medicine the premiere health management leader in the field of drug free manual medicine.

Today holistic medicine practitioners are beginning to recognize the gentle, healing benefits of Naprapathy and embracing it as an effective form of treating chronic pain and reducing inflammation, mental and physical stress without the use of drugs.

Start your Integrative Manual Medicine Journey Today…

As a catalyst for the Naprapathic movement, SUNM aims to advance Integrative Manual Medicine with the superior quality and professionalism of its graduates. If you’re ready for a rewarding career as a Doctor of Naprapathic Medicine  Contact Us and we’ll help you get started! Give us a call at 1-505-629-7376 to speak to a friendly admissions advisor today.

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