About SUNM

Pioneering a Naprapathic Movement in Complementary  Manual Medicine!

A student at the Naprapathic Doctorate School demonstrating technique on a patient's back.
SUNM is the first Naprapathic University to operate in the state of New Mexico

Southwest University of Naprapathic Medicine’s Mission

Southwest University of Naprapathic Medicine (SUNM) prepares its students to successfully participate in the world of complementary manual medicine using a hybrid online and face-to-face educational model. SUNM aspires to make Naprapathic medicine the premier health management leader in the field of drug-free manual medicine.

SUNM holds the honor of being the only licensed school of Naprapathic medicine in New Mexico and one of two licensed Naprapathic Medicine schools in the United States.

A brief history about the founder of Southwest University of Naprapathic Medicine, Dr. Patrick Nuzzo:

  • He and his wife, fellow Naprapath Kirsten LaVista, opened Naprapathic Medicine of New Mexico in 2004. They have served over 15,000 citizens of New Mexico since then
  • Single-handedly lobbied the New Mexico legislature and in 2004 his efforts resulted in the Naprapathic Practice Act (signed into law by Governor Richardson)
  • Acquired a license for the Southwest University of Naprapathic Medicine in 2006 and the school opened its doors in 2010.
  • Instrumental in making Naprapathic Treatments covered by most insurance companies in New Mexico
  • Ultimately, Dr. Nuzzo aspires to see Naprapathic medicine licensed in 50 states with a potential of 10 to 15 schools in the U.S. (akin to the popularity of the Chiropractic profession). Dr. Nuzzo’s overarching goal is to see 50,000 licensed Naprapaths serving American’s connective tissue needs.

Start your Integrative Manual Medicine Journey Today…

As a catalyst for the Naprapathic movement, SUNM aims to advance Integrative Manual Medicine with the superior quality and professionalism of its graduates. If you’re ready for a rewarding career as a Doctor of Naprapathic Medicine  Contact Us and we’ll help you get started! Give us a call at 1-505-629-7376 to speak to a friendly admissions advisor today.


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