Doctors All Agree: These 5 Techniques Are the Best Sleep Aids Aside From Medication

So you can’t sleep — you are in good company. Up to 60 percent of the population has the same issue, though it’s most common to have a sleep condition if you are ill, female, have mental health concerns, or are an older adult. It might seem like you’ve tried everything you can from home, and maybe have even talked to your doctor. From there, you might have been given some medicine to help you

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Dr. Denise Gabaldon-Thronas

Growing up in the Oh-kay Owingeh Pueblo in New Mexico, Dr.Denise Gabaldon- Thronas saw family members and friends struggling with a range of ailments from diabetes to cancer, and was determined to choose a career that would allow her to help them.

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Congratulations Graduating Class of 2018!

Congratulations to our graduating class of 2018! We are very proud of our new Doctors of Naprapathy and are VERY excited to see them go out into the world and change people’s lives. This cohort just completed their dissertations, licensing exams and clinical practical exams and are now ready to begin applying for their state license! Join us on February 23rd to congratulate these fine ladies and gentlemen on their massive accomplishment.

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