One Down, Seven to Go!

Quarter one is over.   Those in the know told me that I’d be a doctor before I knew it, and at the moment, it seems they might be right. The first 12 weeks are over, and I’m surprised to be here already.   So what do I have to say? It’s a hectic pace. It’s not easy to add yet more to an already consuming life. But, that said, it’s a predictable rhythm. Expectations

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The Ah-Ha! Moment

I’ve shared that I’ve been part of the Structural Integration approach to connective tissue work. In that world, we start with an evaluation of the client’s structural balance. What shoulder is higher? What rotates forward? How is the curve of the spine? In connective tissue dynamics, it’s an essential way of seeing the tensions and learning to direct our attention to the root causes rather than just the areas of pain.   Yesterday we had

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The nitty-gritty, down and true reality.

SUNM is an impressive manifestation of the ideas and efforts of many people. But two in particular have devoted their every day for the past several years to the task. They are, however, naprapaths by trade, not seasoned school administrators. It’s an undertaking that has been overwhelming at times, learning about building schools as the moments come. Persistence, dedication, and optimism have served them well in creating their dream.   But as the second class

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Week 5: Midterms

SUNM Experience: Last week we gathered to hear the story of Naprapathy in New Mexico from the director, Pat Nuzzo, and some political allies (local lobbyists). It was a fascinating tale of one thing leading to another and the right people peppering the way. It’s also a tale of the work selling itself on results. If it didn’t help people, New Mexico wouldn’t be paving thee way for its revival.   It was inspiring and

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