Dr. Beau Hightower

Dr. Beau Hightower Speaks About Naprapathic Medicine

Becoming an Expert in Connective Tissue and Fascia Therapy

As an instructor at Southwest University of Naprapathic Medicine, Dr. Beau Hightower speaks about how Naprapathy has helped him in his own practice to “step up his game” in treating patients using naprapathic manual medicine.

Over 3 years ago, Dr. Hightower was looking to expand his knowledge on connective tissue therapy and, through his research, found Dr. Patrick Nuzzo, president and founder of SUNM.   It was through their meeting and sharing of knowledge that Dr. Hightower discovered there was some holes in his education as a chiropractor and that naprapathic practioners were experts in the field of fascia and connective tissue therapy.

What is Naprapathy?

Naprapathy is manually applied movements, passive and active, designed to bring motion with consequent release of tension into abnormally tensed and rigid ligaments, muscles and articulations of the human body.

Naprapathic Doctors are connective tissue specialists. They evaluate people with connective tissue disorders through palpation (using one’s hands to examine the body). Naprapaths treat patients by gently manipulating vertebrae to stretch the attached connective tissue, which may be irritating the nerves as they exit they spinal column, causing pain.

How Naprapathy is Different from other Physical Therapies

  • Naprapathic treatment does not require a referral from a physician
  • Physical therapists and other sports medicine therapists work under the discretion of physicians, so their intake of patients depends on how many referrals they get
  • Sports medicine industry is flooded with competing graduates whereas Naprapathy stands out as a unique treatment
  • Many physicians prefer Naprapathy as it is a gentler form of therapy that treats the soft tissue (fascia) that is at the root of most dis-ease. In other words, it treats the causes of chronic pain

Is a Career in Naprapathic Manual Medicine Right for You?

The best way to discover if the field of Naprapthy is right for you, is to see for yourself.   SUNM offers intern Shadow Days in their public clinic where you can sit in on treatments, talk to faculty and students and immerse yourself in the field of Naprapathy for a day.  To learn more about Intern Shadow Days, click here.

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