Grading Policies and Other Related Academic Policies


Grade reports are available to students through the Moodle gradebook and from the Registrar. Course grades are based on the quality of work as shown by tests, laboratory work, term papers, projects and class participation as indicated in the course syllabus. Earned quality points are calculated for each course by multiplying the quality point value for the grade received for the course times the credit hour value of the course. For example, a 4.0 credit course with a grade of B would earn 12.0 quality points [credit value of course (4) times quality point value of B (3)]. The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is calculated by dividing the total earned quality points by the total credits completed.

Letter Code Description Included in Credits Earned Included in Credits Attempted Included in CGPA Quality Points
A A Yes Yes Yes 4.0
B B Yes Yes Yes 3.0
C C Yes Yes Yes 2.0
D D Yes Yes Yes 1.0
F F No Yes Yes 0.0
I Incomplete No Yes No NA
L Leave of Absence No No No NA
TC Transfer Yes Yes No NA
W Withdrawn No Yes No NA

Grading of Assignments A = 94-100, A-= 90-93, B+ = 87-89, B = 84-86, B- = 80-83, C+ = 77-79, C = 70-76, F = 0-69


SUNM encourages every student to attend all educational activities.  If a student is unable to attend scheduled activities for any reason the following policy applies:

It is at the discretion of the instructor to give the original work or modified work for any missed projects, practical work, or exams. The scheduling of the make-up work and penalties assessed are all at the discretion of the instructor.  It is the student’s responsibility to seek out the instructor to make up missing work.


An Incomplete indicates that a student must complete further work in a course before a grade can be given. Not completing coursework does not automatically give the student an “Incomplete.” An incomplete is only granted by the individual teacher involved for extenuating circumstances. In the case of an incomplete grade in any class, the student may be allowed 30 days to make up the incomplete. If at the end of 30 days the student still has not made up the incomplete, but has shown sufficient progress, he/she may be allowed another 30 days, based upon the professional judgment of the faculty.

If, at the end of the 60 days, the student still has not made up the incomplete, he/she will be required to retake the class, at an additional expense, in order to obtain credit for the course. The student must pay any expenses incurred in the process of making up the incomplete, i.e., teacher’s time, cost of administering exams, etc. An incomplete will automatically become a “fail” if not resolved within 60 days and shall be recorded as such on the student’s official transcript (fees stated previously).


A student who fails a course will have one opportunity to retake the course, must pay tuition for the class again, with the permission of the Chair Naprapathic Medicine. Upon taking a course for the second time, the student must achieve a minimum passing grade of 80% (B-), in regular classes, or 85% (B), in core curriculum classes. Failing the same course twice subjects a student to Disqualification.


The chart above describes the impact of each grade on a student’s academic progress. For calculating rate of progress, grades of F (failure) and W (withdrawn) are counted as hours attempted, but are not counted as hours successfully completed. A withdrawal will not be awarded after reaching 60% of the term. Withdrawal after reaching 60% of the term will result in the student receiving a F. The student must repeat any required course in which a grade of F, or W is received. The better of the two grades achieved is calculated into the CGPA. The lower grade will include a double asterisk indicating that the course has been repeated. Both original and repeated credits will be counted as attempted credits in rate of progress calculations.  The ability of a student to repeat a failed course during a subsequent term is dependent upon space availability.  If space does not permit, the student will need to be dropped and re-enter the next available term.

To receive an incomplete (I), the student must complete the Request for Incomplete Form, by the last week of the term, for an extension to complete the required course work. The student must be satisfactorily passing the course at the time of petition. Incomplete grades that are not completed within 30 days after the end of the term will be converted to an F and will affect the student’s CGPA. The school reserves the right to extend the time needed to make-up an incomplete grade. Students who disagree with a grade they have received should contact the instructor if they wish to discuss their concern.


Students may also be placed on disciplinary probation for excessive absences and/or tardiness, unacceptable conduct, violation of the uniform policy (as shown in the Clinic Handbook) or drug or alcohol use. These students will be closely monitored by their current instructor and can be dismissed for non-compliance.

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