Have you ever wanted to download someone’s brain??

Have you ever wanted to download someone’s brain??

Every once in a while I meet someone who impresses me with their mastery. Talking with them is constantly fascinating and informative- and humbling. Their knowledge on a topic seems broad and deep in every direction, reminding me how endless this process of education really is. Downloading their brain just seems like a shortcut to the mastery that I seek. (Lazy, I know… but we all know it would be nice!)

In this case, I have the privilege of being under the guidance of three teachers like that. Three. Great teachers are unusual, but passionate masters are even more so. And how SUNM has managed three in one quarter is an impressive mystery.

I don’t mean to imply that the past classes have been guided by less skillful teachers. In fact, I’ve been impressed with the quality SUNM has delivered on so many levels. But this quarter has marked a different level of learning in many ways. The Naprapathic classes are now hands-on every class. Physiology has shifted from general comprehension to understanding how exercise is essential. And Kinesiology morphs in all directions of muscle movement, evaluation, and treatment. It’s the quarter where all our classes seem so immediately relevant to my clients. And it’s the quarter where any question can take us in any direction and enlighten us with new depths to consider. Somehow, every question we bring is thoughtfully considered and answered with confidence. Given the range of discussions in every direction, I find this incredibly impressive. And yes, truth be told, even masters have their limits. “I don’t know” crops up every once in a rare while, but instead of leaving it there, we’re invited to investigate and report back the following week.

Kudos go out to SUNM and to the masters they have brought. Our class is thriving under their tutelage, and I, at least, am inspired by every class right now. Just when our energies are dwindling under the schedule of the program, it’s fabulous to have the energy of your teachers, with the mastery you seek, to spur you on.



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