Naprapathic Medicine Success Stories

Naprapathy is on several large plans in the State of New Mexico that insure State Employees. Because of this, we treat a lot of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and sciatica with much success, which are two diagnoses that can be exacerbated by sitting at a computer for 8-10 hours a day under stressful situations.

CTS is usually a symptom from upper back and neck restriction, NOT wrist (or carpal) inflammation. When someone sits for hours a day with their arms forward at a computer, and then commutes in their car in the same exact position, this can cause constriction in the upper back, neck and shoulders and consequently wrists and hands. My boss uses the expression, “When you step on the garden hose, you block the flow.” He is referring to the blood flow.

When we put a CTS patient face down on our table and start working on their neck, upper back and shoulders they initially are quite confused. We loosen all of the constricted soft tissue, the blood, lymph and nerve flow return and their CTS pain decreases dramatically. We also educate the patient about proper sleeping positions and exercises to help them stay ahead of their pain.

I enjoy helping people with Sciatica the most. Again, educating the patient and addressing the proper muscle groups along with appropriate stretches can bring immediate relief. Leg stretches as well as deep soft tissue work in the patient’s hips and low back have brought relief to many of my patients. Drinking enough water daily can also reduce inflammation and increase range of motion.

-Dr. Kirsten LaVista

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