One Down, Seven to Go!

Quarter one is over.


Those in the know told me that I’d be a doctor before I knew it, and at the moment, it seems they might be right. The first 12 weeks are over, and I’m surprised to be here already.


So what do I have to say?

It’s a hectic pace. It’s not easy to add yet more to an already consuming life. But, that said, it’s a predictable rhythm. Expectations are realistic from the teachers, and there’s a real desire to see everyone succeed.


Is it easy?


There is reading, studying, and homework to consider. I can only squeeze it in as I can. At times, I pull my load. Other times, I struggle to keep it together. Those are the moments that catch up with me during midterms and finals, but I try to be realistic about it. All I can do is the best I can do.


Finals were demanding, even if the information we were responsible for was clearly laid out for us. The body is complex, and there’s a lot of information to take in. If your brain is at all like mine, the evening is your low potential. Memorization and regurgitation of anatomy might seem easy at 9 am, but definitely is gone by 7 pm.


And I breathe. I remind myself that I don’t have the luxuries I did as a student at 22, devoted only to the task at hand. Life is so much more with family and work responsibilities to juggle as well. If I manage to keep a good balance between it all, absorb most of the information, and pass with decent grades, then I’ll consider it a success. To hold myself to any other standards would be foolish and stressful. I’m committed to becoming a fabulous doctor, but not at the expense of my health, sanity, or family.


But I’ve already held the balance well enough for one quarter. I only have to do it 7 more times! (And, in case you’re curious, I’ve gotten an A or B in Anatomy, Connective Tissue, and Medical Terminology. Still waiting for Business and Physiology… )

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