What does right-side abdominal pain mean?

Gas, indigestion, and muscle strain are some common causes of abdominal pain on the right side Right-side abdominal pain can be caused by a variety of medical conditions, and treatment depends on the diagnosis. Pinpointing the location of abdominal pain can help you and your healthcare provider determine the cause. While gas, indigestion, or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) may cause pain anywhere along the gastrointestinal tract, specific organs, such as the gallbladder and appendix, cause

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The Tissue That Connects Our Muscles May Be a Key to Better Health

Fascia is more important than previously thought. Here’s how, and why, you should care for yours. In recent years, the concept of caring for one’s fascia — the tough, flexible tissue that surrounds and connects muscles, bones and organs like cling wrap — has permeated fitness and wellness culture. Pilates instructors and massage therapists offer to make fascia more supple, and products like foam rollers, massage guns and “fascia blasters” claim to help you improve

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Naprapathy has been featured in Vegas Inc Healthcare Quarterly!

I am thrilled to announce that Naprapathy has been featured in Vegas Inc Healthcare Quarterly! It’s an honor to be recognized in such a prominent publication, highlighting our commitment to healthcare excellence. Click on this link and visit page 6 to read the article. Please join us in celebrating this milestone!

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Doctors All Agree: These 5 Techniques Are the Best Sleep Aids Aside From Medication

So you can’t sleep — you are in good company. Up to 60 percent of the population has the same issue, though it’s most common to have a sleep condition if you are ill, female, have mental health concerns, or are an older adult. It might seem like you’ve tried everything you can from home, and maybe have even talked to your doctor. From there, you might have been given some medicine to help you

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New Research Publication – Journal of Traditional & Integrative Medicine

Exciting News! Our groundbreaking article, Soft Tissue Manipulation and Naprapathy: Origins and Current Practices, has just hit the pages of the renowned journal, Traditional and Integrated Medicine. Dive into the fascinating world of Naprapathy, a specialized manual medicine that targets musculoskeletal issues, inflammation, and dysfunction by breaking down connective tissue restrictions. These restrictions can wreak havoc on your nervous, vascular, and lymphatic systems, causing pain and misalignment. But Naprapathic medicine has your back with a

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Naprapathic Manual Medicine Receives Approval and Licensure from the State of Nevada.

[Carson City, NV] –The Southwest University of Naprapathic Medicine (SUNM) is thrilled to announce that during the 2023 Nevada Legislative session, Assembly Bill 153, the Naprapathic Practice Act, was introduced by Assemblywomen Elaine Marzola District 21, allowing for the licensure of Naprapaths to practice in Nevada. AB 153 passed unanimously and unopposed in the State Assembly and Senate and was signed into law by Governor Joseph Lombardo on June 9th, 2023. This groundbreaking development marks

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Our CAO Kristi Bordelon, our Librarian Mary O Dell and Advisory board member Tanya Haggans enjoy a beautiful day and lunch after a full morning of classes.

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