Our CAO Kristi Bordelon, our Librarian Mary O Dell and Advisory board member Tanya Haggans enjoy a beautiful day and lunch after a full morning of classes.

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What Are the Best Medical Careers to Consider? Find out Now!

Most people focus on the highest-paying medical jobs in health care, but that often means going to school for eight to 10 years! You may decide that you want to get started in your career before that. With so many healthcare professionals available, you don’t have to be a medical doctor. We will discuss some non-physician roles and also help you understand what a Doctor of Naprapathy is and why you may choose to become

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Dr. Thronas Event

Our very own Dr. Thronas will be hosting a breakout session on Naprapathic Medicine at the Annual American Indian Business Enterprise (AIBE) Conference happening tomorrow! The event is free, to register go to:

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What to Know Before Pursuing Naprapathic Education

Naprapathy is a very helpful health profession that can be the saving grace for individuals who are suffering from problems with their soft connective tissues, joints, and spine. To become a doctor of naprapathic medicine is to provide aid to those suffering from chronic pain and limited movement. If you’re interested in pursuing naprapathy, there are a few things to consider so that you know what to expect. With this, here’s all you need to

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What to Know About Pain Treatments That Aren’t Invasive

In the United States, the health and nutrition market is massive. Obesity, rising environmental toxicity, and increased access to alternative health information have prompted many people to recognize the importance of being more proactive about their own health. Many of them are looking for non-invasive, natural remedies.  The “pop a pill” approach to pain management is giving way to multidisciplinary, non-invasive, natural pain management practices that prioritize health and wellness. This is a great alternative

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