Week Three: The Rhythm and Pace

SUNM Experience: The teachers are settling into their comfort zones, and we’re finding our paces in each class. It’s a demanding schedule with lots of reading, quizzes in almost every class, and an intense amount of information coming at us for 3 hours straight each night. I can’t imagine trying to do this without a knowledge base already, especially with the schedule I’m keeping. To be honest, I’m already way behind in reading!  Student

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A New Path: Introductions – SUNM Student Blog

I have just begun a journey that defies any logical choice on my part. But then, I’ve always operated on a more intuitive level than most people, and at times, this has meant taking on a bit more than any sane person would. Let me explain by way of introduction. My name is Jennifer Brannen, and I am 41. At this point in my life, I have been married for almost 17 years and have

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Open House – December 10th

Are you interested in starting a rewarding New Career as a Doctor of Naprapathic Medicine? Please join us at our Open House on December 10th from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. [box]Including light refreshments, mini Naprapathic treatments by our Interns, and the opportunity to meet the staff, faculty and students of SUNM.[/box] Please invite any family and friends who may also be interested in learning more about SUNM. Please call 1.505.467.8777 with any questions. SUNM

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Naprapathic Medicine Success Stories

Naprapathy is on several large plans in the State of New Mexico that insure State Employees. Because of this, we treat a lot of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and sciatica with much success, which are two diagnoses that can be exacerbated by sitting at a computer for 8-10 hours a day under stressful situations. CTS is usually a symptom from upper back and neck restriction, NOT wrist (or carpal) inflammation. When someone sits for hours

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Now accepting Veteran Education Benefits!

Education is essential for your career, both in uniform and out.  Southwest University of Naprapathic Medicine is now accepting Veterans’ Education Benefits!   These benefits enable eligible Veterans, service persons, and certain dependents of Veterans to receive VA educational funding.  Benefits vary by program, so please visit the VA site for more information.

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History of Naprapathy

Today, naprapathy is a branch of manual medicine that focuses on manipulating connective tissues in order to relieve pain. But where did naprapathy come from? In the early 1900s,  Dr. Oakley Smith conducted research on connective tissues and their effect on nerves. In  1907, Smith founded the field of naprapathy and opened his own clinic in Chicago. Read on  to learn more about who Oakley Smith was and where naprapathy comes from. Who Was Oakley

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A hands-on approach to vets’ job transitions

Patriotic companies across this wonderful land have stepped up over the past decade to give jobs to America’s brave veterans. Their noble gesture is a welcome contrast to the indifference of decades previous, when nobody seemed to care about the person after the uniform came off. But back then, there were good jobs in abundance. The America of the 21st century has a different economic landscape than that faced by the veterans of World War

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