Southwest University of Naprapathic Medicine earns first of its kind National Accreditation


SANTA FE, New Mexico, July 2021 — A system and technique with a unique name and a fascinating history is poised to become the next big thing in drug-free, neuro-muscular therapy with the accreditation of the first school for Naprapathic medicine—the Southwest University of Naprapathic Medicine—in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Naprapathy (nuh-PRAH-path-y), which shares origins with both Chiropractic and Osteopathic medicine, is an extremely effective manual modality that releases tension in connective tissue to help realign bony structure. It is the ideal form of integrative medicine for treating many of modern life’s common ailments: back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, frozen shoulder, limited joint motion and muscular pain. Dr. Oakley Smith, who developed the practice, founded the first naprapathic school in Chicago in 1906. Although that school remains, no naprapathic school ever became accredited. Until now. 

In July, 2021, The Southwest University of Naprapathic Medicine (SUNM) earned accreditation from the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). “The faculty and staff of SUNM worked tirelessly over the past several years to meet DEAC’s rigorous standards,” says Dr. Patrick Nuzzo, who co-founded SUNM alongside his business partner, Dr. Kirsten LaVista. “With this accreditation, SUNM will be able to graduate even more practitioners focused on treating stress, inflammation, and pain without the use of opioids.”

Accreditation by DEAC is a reliable indicator of the value and quality of the distance education that an institution offers. In receiving this initial grant of accreditation, SUNM has demonstrated its commitment to educational standards and ethical business practices that assure quality, accountability, and improvement in higher education.

Although SUNM’s foundation is teaching, the school will also serve as a research institution committed to furthering the science that underpins Naprapathy’s efficacy. In all respects, SUNM is dedicated to the education and advocacy of integrative manual medicine, with the end goal of improving the lives of anyone suffering with acute or chronic pain.

Dr. Nuzzo considers naprapathy a great secret, ready to be known. “There is a great need out there right now,” says Nuzzo. “People are searching for drug-free methods to treat stress, aches and pains, and naprapathy can help provide the relief people are searching for. There’s never been a better time to introduce the US to Naprapathy, and we’re ready and excited for the challenge.”

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