Week 4: The Blessings of Internet

SUNM Experience:

As a returning student, I’ve been here before. The rhythm of reading, lectures, discussion, and tests are ingrained in my soul, and it’s nice to be back in the classroom.


That said, I haven’t quite been here before. For anyone who hasn’t been a student in the past 5 or 10 years, it’s not the same old, same old. It’s been said before in a million ways, but here it is again: the web has changed the world. In this case, it’s a goldmine for students.


I’ve had both basic Anatomy and Physiology three times before. This time, though, I find it more fascinating and more engaging. It’s not just the advantage of the inner academic who has become more curious with time, though. It’s the direct result of the world wide web. Nowadays, the Anatomy and Physiology presentations include exquisite images plucked from every corner of the web. You Tube videos supplement and clarify concepts that may be difficult to grasp. And, in case you’re an interactive learner, there are games that help you grasp the details, like how DNA is transferred to mRNA.


After years of studying anatomy and having my hands on people’s bodies, there have been more than a few Ah-Ha moments these past few weeks bringing long-elusive clarification. Instead of flipping between pages in text books, I can now play with programs that allow me to not only rotate an image three dimensionally, but I can watch how systems of nerves, veins and arteries, and muscles interact. Where do the organs sit? Where exactly does the nerve go through the muscles? How do things layer? I can add or subtract aspects of the human body, rotate it to any angle, and even zoom in to understand EXACTLY how the human body looks.


It’s going to be a fascinating journey. The beauty of it this time is that it will be as clear and comprehensive as my curious mind wants to make it.



My Student Pulse:

And so, my overly full plate reared its ugly head for the first time this week.


Here was my assignment for the Business/Marketing/Ethics class: go visit 2 banks and 1 credit union to learn what benefits they offer new businesses (like a new Naprapathic practice).


As dry as it might sound, I was looking forward to the opportunity to explore these things since I’ve never learned much in the way of finances. But reality had other plans for me this week: transmission died (down to one car), kids sick (have to be home), hip pain (go to the many appointments). Banks? Ummmm, no. Not this week.


I heard someone say that a lack of time is actually a lack of priorities. This week, I would beg to differ. Sometimes, life just shows up very differently than you expect, and all you can do is the best you can do. This week, internet research was a blessing.

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