Week 6: Tales from the Field

In case you didn’t read my introduction, I should clarify something. Like a Naprapath, the work I do as a Structural Integration Therapist focuses on the health of the Connective Tissues. I am a manual therapist (much like a massage therapist) who evaluates the imbalances of the body and works to release the tissues back into normal alignment. At this point, I work beyond the muscular tissues and have the skills to include the visceral organs and the nerves. I work alongside PTs to relieve clients who are contending with injuries from car accidents and such. Otherwise, I have a practice where I help people recover from sports injuries, age-induced stiffness, and physical-emotional traumas.


Coming from such work, I resonated immediately with Oakley Smith’s insistence that the health of the connective tissue is so essential to the overall health of a human. To connect you with this possibility, Tales from the Field will convey my personal experiences with the power of releasing adhesions and tensions throughout the connective tissues. The tales of a Naprapath would be similar.


Tales from the Field:

Soon after I was finished with my certificate in Structural Integration, I had the chance to work with a 75 year old man. He came to me for some issues regarding his back. His motions were typically restricted for a man of that age, and I spent the session trying to open up the tissues from his feet to his lower back.


The following week, he enthusiastically reported that everything was so much better. In fact, he said, “I can tie my shoes again!”


Society would have us commonly believe that something so simple seems so irrecoverable at a certain age. But the deliberate and thoughtful treatment of connective tissue, it must be noted, holds some access to the fountain of youth!



My Student Pulse:

Studying. Studying. Studying.

One midterm down. (Demanding, but over.)

Another canceled due to the flu going through the class (and teacher).

One more tomorrow. (Again, all I can do is the best I can do!)


And I’m still going to have to write that Ethics midterm. Anyone have some thoughts on who’s more ethical among ages or genders? (I have others to consider, too, if you’re intrigued!)

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