Accreditation Incentive from a Senator

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SUNM has been working hard to become accredited over the course of the last few years. This effort is evident, and is recognized by many members of the community including senators!

Recently, Pete Campos, a state senator of 27 years and retired educator of 27.5 years, wrote an encouraging letter in full support of SUNM’s effort to seek accreditation.

Senator Pete Campos wrote about Dr. Nuzzo’s professionalism and evidence-based efforts to prepare for SUNM’s initial accreditation consideration. The accreditation process is a rigorous one – hard to obtain. However, once a school becomes accredited it shows that they uphold very strict standards as set out by federally-recognized accrediting agencies.

Another aspect of accreditation that is important for students is funding. Student’s may apply for federal student loans from accredited institutions, financial support most student’s need in order to attend post-secondary school.

Senator Pete Campos goes on to praise SUNM in many regards, stating:

  • SUNM’s curriculum is aligned and effectively implemented
  • The student practitioner component is effective and well-supervised
  • SUNM’s community outreach work has developed a positive reputation and built the public’s confidence in SUNM’s mission
  • The quality and credentialed faculty and support staff concentrates their efforts on student satisfaction and success

Senator Pete Campos emphasized the holistic patient care that SUNM offers writing, “I am particularly impressed with your meticulous and devoted attention to detail and patient satisfaction. The symptom analysis, time spent on treatment, process explanation, and superb manner in which you treat your clientele are traits indicative of how you instruct your classes and educate the students who attend SUNM.”

Finally, the senator acknowledged the personal work that Dr. Nuzzo has been doing for almost two decades stating, “You have been a trailblazer in your chosen profession. In 2000, you were instrumental in having the Naprapathy Practice Act of New Mexico introduced in New Mexico State Legislature. In 2004, particularly through your efforts, had the legislation signed into law making it possible for Naprapaths to practice in New Mexico.”

SUNM is so close to achieving its goal of accreditation. Many people of New Mexico are rooting for SUNM’s success; citizens, patients, faculty, staff and senators alike!

Stay tuned for the newest updates from SUNM’s blog. Learn more about SUNM’s Naprapathy Doctorate Program here.

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