Congratulations Dr. Kristi Bordelon!


Dr. Kristi BordelonYou have been nominated to serve as a committee member for the New Mexico Higher Education Department’s Private Postsecondary Institution Review Committee, pursuant to NMAC. Your experience related to private postsecondary institutions will be a valuable asset to the composition of this committee. As an appointed representative member of the Private Postsecondary Institution Review Committee, you will be asked to assist the Higher Education Department in assuring that non-accredited institutions maintain high quality programs and operations. The committee will review applications for non-accredited institutions seeking state authorization. The Review Committee will conduct programmatic review and approval for those institutions and will make a final recommendation to the Higher Education Department for state authorization or program approval. More specifically, the Private Postsecondary Institution Review Committee will evaluate the following criteria:

  • adequacy of the administration of the institution;
  • adequacy of the curriculum and program requirements of the institution and of its programs;
  • adequacy of qualifications and performance of the teaching faculty at the institution;
  • the institution’s effectiveness as reflected in student outcomes such as program completion rates, withdrawal rates, and satisfaction of students and employers.

The Review Committee will convene once per year in the month of June. We will work to schedule the committee meetings based on availability of the committee members. The membership of the committee will serve staggered terms. As such, you have been randomly selected to serve a period of one year,  ending on 8/1/2022.

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