Naprapathic Medicine Success Stories

Naprapathy is on several large plans in the State of New Mexico that insure State Employees. Because of this, we treat a lot of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and sciatica with much success, which are two diagnoses that can be exacerbated by sitting at a computer for 8-10 hours a day under stressful situations. CTS is usually a symptom from upper back and neck restriction, NOT wrist (or carpal) inflammation. When someone sits for hours

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History of Naprapathy

Today, naprapathy is a branch of manual medicine that focuses on manipulating connective tissues in order to relieve pain. But where did naprapathy come from? In the early 1900s,  Dr. Oakley Smith conducted research on connective tissues and their effect on nerves. In  1907, Smith founded the field of naprapathy and opened his own clinic in Chicago. Read on  to learn more about who Oakley Smith was and where naprapathy comes from. Who Was Oakley

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